About Murano Glass


Murano Glass and Venetian Glass refer to the same glassware made on Murano island in Venice, Italy. Murano Glass is one of the world’s oldest surviving industries. It has existed in Venice for over 1000 years and has survived multiple upheavals. Only Murano Glass or Venetian Glass sold in Venice, Italy are considered authentic. 

Murano Glass are costly because of horrible flood of Venice in 2019, the global Covid-19 pandemic, and the enormous increase in gas prices brought on by the war in Ukraine and the transformation to renewable energy. This gas problem may just be the last straw to break the back of the ancient industry.

Murano Glass furnaces are notoriously gas-hungry. They have to burn at 1500 degrees Celsius and cannot be turned on and off daily. It takes about a week to ignite a furnace and bring it to the stable high temperature required for glass-making. This process costs tens of thousands of euros. Therefore, the furnaces are normally only extinguished for one month a year, august, when the local glass artisans traditionally take a break amid the summer heat.

In k-aè, Murano glass beads are commonly strung & combine them with crystals,  uplifting the overall look & feel of each accessories. It adds a unique touch to every customisation as no two beads or crystals are the same. k-aè is proud to be one of the few who brings in such unique glass beads in Singapore.

Information provided are extracts from https://www.glassofvenice.com/blog/ and is put together for quick reference. Readers are recommended to do their own research to understand more about Murano or Venetian glass.